Release Notes

CanRisk v1.0.4

  1. UPDATE - Description: Add CIHR logo.
  2. UPDATE - Description: Cancer models now allow entering pathology subtypes for cancer first breast cancers over the age of 79.
  3. FIX - Description: Allow for names with spaces in when loading CanRisk files.
  4. NEW FEATURE - Description: New cumulative usage plot on admin page.
  5. FIX - Description: If proband is male update text in mutation results to "based on man's information".
  6. FIX: Description: update one of the mammographic density paremeters in the breast cancer model to be in agreement with the Nelson et al Ann. Int. Medicine 2012 publication - (26/02/2019).

CanRisk v1.0.3

  1. FIX - Description: Pedigree render problem fix.
  2. NEW FEATURE - Description: Add the release notes page.
  3. NEW FEATURE - Description: New admin page to graphically show user registration locations.
  4. UPDATE - Description: Provide note in cases where family members have mutations in multiple genes to warn there is a limitation in mutation carrier probability prediction.
  5. UPDATE - Description: Increase minimum username length to be same as that required for web-services.
  6. FIX - Description: Removing sections from the PDF report download causes it to fail silently.

CanRisk v1.0.2

  1. UPDATE - Description: Change parity help text for input parameter section in results to 'Number of Children' to match the CanRisk form
  2. UPDATE - Description: Model code update to handle the case where the proband's twin has a mutation test
  3. NEW FEATURE : Description: Add notify app to be able to notify users of planned maintenance without needing to take down the website

CanRisk v1.0.1

  1. UPDATE - Description: Add CanRisk version to footer and 'CanRisk Report' to header of result report. Needed when passing reports to e.g. surgeon.
  2. UPDATE - Description: Add 'Login or Register' to assist navigation to registration form
  3. UPDATE - Description: Fortran update. Update to allow for mztwin proband in mutation probability calculations